Year’s Best Horror Volume 8

Best Horror of the Year-vol-8

One of the things that all horror fans in North America look forward to every year is the release of editor Ellen Datlow’s compendium of the Year’s Best Horror. The book is always full of great fiction, but it’s also a pleasure to read Datlow’s round-up of noteworthy publications and honorable mentions, which can lead you to some wonderful work that you might have missed in the previous year.

This year, to my surprise, some of the “wonderful work you might have missed” was mine! I wrote two stories for a collection called Gods, Memes and Monsters by Stoneskin Press, and my name was one of three mentioned in passing as among the best of the darker tales.

Yes, the copyeditor did miss the typo and my first name is misspelled, but I’m okay with it. The curse of an interesting name. 🙂


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