Yay, Lunch Truck!

Seen On My Walk: the Mount Pleasant Lunch Truck!

photo 1

A little known Vancouver secret, the Mount Pleasant Lunch Truck can be seen nearly every working afternoon (and sometimes in the evenings!) parked at the corner of 8th Avenue and Ontario, in front of a hipster brew pub called 33 Acres.

What’s cool about the Lunch Truck is not just that you can usually get a good lunch for less than 10 bucks. The Lunch Truck is not always the same truck! In fact, it is many different trucks, selling a variety of different cuisines. Perogies, pizza, tacos and burritos–all sorts of exotic treats from a variety of strange and distant lands can be served out of a truck, as it turns out, to the general delight of all us office drones.

photo 2

Today’s Lunch Truck was Salvadoran! I decided to try it, and got myself the kid’s menu version of the pork pupusa (like a hot pocket made out of corn meal batter) with “fries” made from deep fried battered cassava-root (called yuca frita). I also bought a cool, weird South American version of cream soda in a bottle for Mister Bear–Kolashampan.

photo 3

Upshot is: Salvadoran food was awesome! The pupusa actually comes with vegetarian alternatives, even, and yuca frita dipped in that mild salsa on the side is THE BOMB.

Yay, Lunch Truck!

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