Write-a-thon Update, Week One

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The Lore forum of Sword of the Stars 2 has been locked with a password this week, and will be locked until August 1, 2012. As per last year, only the people who donate $5 or more to my Write-a-thon page will be given the password. One poster accused me, quite non-jokingly, of “extortion”–as if having to wait for six weeks to regain universal free access was some kind of real threat of harm.

It gave me a chuckle, actually. I instantly thought of two old-timey Mafia goombahs in zoot suits standing at a shop keeper’s door, adjusting their ties while one of them tells him, “We’re not sayin’ that anything would HAPPEN to you or your lovely family if you fail to donate to Clarion West. We just think that you should…how d’ya say…find it in your HEART…to be generous. Charity is good for your health. Capice?”

Only managed to write about 10,000 words this week. Wrote up some design documents for an unannounced project I’ve been working on. Made progress on two short stories, “At the Museum of the Magic Lantern” and “The Uncertainty Principle”; one or both should be finished in the next day or so.

Also wrote up a couple of thousand new words of world-building detail for fans of the Sword of the Stars universe, mainly focused on the religious practices of the Morrigi race, the Liir rebellion and the origins of the Prester Zuul. In the coming week I think it is time to beef up the entries on the Tarkasian Empire and of course, to start posting more detailed information on the Suul’ka. I think everyone has had a chance to run into one by now–or run screaming from one–so it’s time to give a little more solid information.

My other goal for the Write-a-thon, which was to assist in my mother’s recovery from her leg surgery, is going quite well. We switched her pain medication from a drug that didn’t work well for her to something more effective. Her pain is now manageable, if not absent, and it has improved her outlook quite a lot. She’s been to her first couple of physical therapy sessions; I got myself a temporary gym membership at the facility where she has her therapy sessions, so that I can do a little treadmill and lift a few weights while she is working with the specialist.

In the course of only seven days, there is a visible improvement in how well she gets around the house and gets in and out of bed, so whatever she’s doing–it’s working.

Mom has movies and tv shows in her bedroom to pass the time, but I also went to McKay’s and get her some old paperbacks to help pass the time. Last week I read Orson Scott Card’s “Homebody” aloud to her, which we both agreed was a pretty dreadful book. This week we’ll be starting John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War”, which promises to be much better.

I also dug up some clippers and the grooming table and started up the process of cutting all the mats and dreadlocks off of her very cute, very feisty, but awfully dirty and ungroomed little dogs. I had to take one of them to the vet yesterday afternoon to have his paw checked; his dew claw had gotten stuck in the matted felt around his paw and grew to a length of nearly 3 inches, which was making him very sore. He was quite upset about the thermometer, and avenged himself by later doing the doggy “Butt Itch Scoot” on the linoleum in the vet’s front office.

Personally I think that this is probably the appropriate response to all proctological exams. Consider it, gentlemen, the next time you’re asked to turn your head and cough.

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  1. marshb says:

    Thanks very much for the update. Looking forward to the new content especially for my “avian friends”. Glad your mother is doing well. I think she will enjoy Scalzi’s books much better.

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