Woke As Fuck Book Club


Here’s the short version of this post: I started a book club on Facebook. You’re welcome to join it and read along with us in 2017.

Here’s the long version:

The goal of the Woke As Fuck Book Club is to spend 2017 reading the stories, novels, essays and autobiographies of suppressed voices. The authors we’re going to read are:

  • People of Colour (anyone non-white, including people with ancestry from Asia, India, Australia and the South Pacific, Africa, as well as indigenous people from Eurasia, North and South America)
  • Muslims and other non-Christians,
  • LGBTQ or otherwise alternative in their sexuality
  • Disabled or Non-Neurotypical

I’m a genre writer and a life-long genre reader, so my major focus is going to be pulp fiction and graphic novels. I read primarily science fiction, fantasy and horror, but for the WAF Book Club, autobiographies and collections of essays are on the table. I may even sidestep into some crime fiction, romance or academic work along the way.

My posts of random thoughts, research, writing and supplemental viewing for the Book Club will be tagged “Woke As Fuck”. I hope you’ll join me in at least some of the reading and viewing, and have a good time.

Let’s do this thing. Raar!


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