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Being able to share small parts of my work with Kerberos Productions with the public is one of the joys of the job. As the Lead Writer of the Sword of the Stars series, I have a lot of creative freedom to share tidbits like this.

Olokun is a member of the “Don’t You Dare Call Them ‘Artificial Intelligence'” race of the SotSverse, the Loa. He was born in the Artificial Intelligence research laboratories of the Liir race, and he retains the aquatic aspect of his birth empire in his mask.

Olokun was created to provide navigation and gunnery solutions to Liirian warships. He is a military Loa, the Origin of an entire lineage of spirits who call themselves the Okunebo, the Spirits of the Ocean. His descendants among the younger generations tend to be martial as well, and often serve as the presiding spirits of Loa ships.

From Sword of the Stars 2: End of Flesh. Art by Juan Diego Dianderas.

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