Weird Tales #361

One of my poems appears in the latest issue of Weird Tales magazine! This is my second appearance in Weird Tales.  As a life-long pulp fiction fan, I have to admit that every time my name appears in print there, I’m tickled.

This is a great issue, featuring some wonderful authors. I’m proud to be a part of it, and you should definitely check it out and subscribe to support the magazine, its editorial staff, and its authors–including me. 🙂

Table of Contents for Weird Tales #361: The Fairy Tales Issue


  • “The Queen Who Could Not Walk” by Peter S. Beagle
  • “Magpied” by Tanith Lee
  • “Fae for a Day” by Teel James Glenn
  • “I Am Moonflower” by Nicole Cushing
  • “Blind Alley” by Morgan Llywelyn
  • “Suri & Sirin” by Court Merrigan
  • “The Flowers of Tir-na-nog” by J. R. Restrick
  • “The Miracles of LaGuardia Airport (Delta Terminal)” by Caitlin Campbell
  • “A Gnomish Gift” by Alex Shvartsman
  • “Enough” by Jane Yolen
  • “Gold” by Lauren Liebowitz
  • “The Brown Man of Glen Gardens” by Frank Aversa
  • “The King’s Enemies” by Marc Bilgrey
  • “The Crimson Cloak” by Zach Shephard
  • “The Lute Player and the Mask” by Dick Baldwin
  • “Payment” by Alfred Vickers III
  • “Out of Time” by Manny Frishberg


  • With Ramsey Campbell, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Elizabeth Bear, and Orrin Grey


  • “As Fleas” by Jon Koons
  • “Black Poppy” by David W. Amendola


  • Scotland in October (Glencoe) by Carole Buggé
  • Dangerous Dreams by Jill Bauman
  • Merciless by Andrew J. Wilson
  • Waste by Arinn Dembo


  • Ninety Years of Weird Tales by Darrell Schweitzer


  • With Tessa Farmer (on her fascinating and strange fairy world) by C. J. Thom
  • With J. David Spurlock (on Margaret Brundage, and his book about her) by Lynne Jamneck

Covers and interior art by Jeff Wong

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