We Can Do It!

war-arm-for-webTimes are changing for me, my team and my industry. I need to change with them, and start working and creating in new ways, if I want to be able to keep writing.

Finding the support I need to continue my work has been difficult the past few years, so I have decided to try something new: writing a lot more fiction! I will need a little help to get this stage of my career rolling, however.

I’ve launched a Patreon Page to support a major drive to produce more short stories and novels in the coming months. If you can give me your support, I would sincerely appreciate it. I’ve tried to offer a few backer rewards that I thought people would enjoy, but the main reward will definitely be the new work I’ll be able to do with your help.

I’m hoping that all of the people who have been telling me for years that “We would love to see more of your fiction” were serious! I really would love to stretch myself and do something new.

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