We Are At War

Just a few words about the election and its inevitable aftermath. I will not speak about this subject extensively or often, as I am not a political writer, nor am I directly in the targeting reticle of America’s Happy Shiny Nazi Party (which has attempted to brand itself the “alt-right” in recent years).

The outcome of the election has been a source of immense pain for me, as it is for many politically progressive Americans. I am deeply disappointed and deeply ashamed of my fellow citizens for putting Donald Trump in office with their votes.

Unlike most Liberals, however, I was already frightened and disturbed that Trump was able to win the Republican nomination at all, given his record of abuses, his incredibly ugly  rhetoric, and his preposterous and often dangerously dumb campaign promises. I was well aware of Trump’s resemblance to Hitler and Mussolini, which he seemed to consciously orchestrate with his speeches and mannerisms.

I am even more aghast after all the votes are counted to find that both the House and the Senate will have a Republican majority, which will leave the American absolutely defenseless against the rabid jackals that are about to be unleashed on Capital Hill. The Supreme Court, the legal rights of all minorities, the rights of women, the lives of those who depend on social security and Medicaid…so much domestic damage will be done under this administration that it is nearly incalculable. And that’s BEFORE you imagine how bad things can and will get when Trump starts deploying troops or firing nukes.

If precedents from previous Republican administrations can be relied upon…a lot of the damage done will also be irreparable. In many respects, this country has never recovered from blows dealt to the working and middle classes by Reagan, Bush, and Shrub.

Every whim of plutocratic industrial capitalism at its worst is about to be rammed down our throats. Trump and his cronies will unravel every positive change made by every President since Roosevelt–and when I say “Roosevelt”, I mean Teddy, not FDR. Because even our National Parks are about to be destroyed in an orgy of sociopathy, stupidity and greed–I guarantee it.

But ultimately…beyond the horror of bad faith, lies and retrograde politics this country is about to see…the footage of the Nazis celebrating their victory in Washington is the one image of Trump’s election that really sums it all up, for me.

If this is what “Democracy” looks like in the 20th century–Nazis throwing their Sieg Heil in a public building in Washington DC to celebrate the election of a Nazi President…then you can count me out.

Both my grandfathers went to war and risked their lives to keep people like this from ruling the world.

If this America now…then “America” and I are now at war. Which is pretty scary, because America has the largest and most powerful military in the history of the world…and all I’ve got is this laptop.

Oh well.





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