Two New Words Added to the English Language

I often make-up new words as I write, a habit which I share with many other mad people. English lends itself to the practice, which is one of the fun things about the language.

This week’s new words are:

Polyvangelism: The zeal with which people who have converted to polyamory attempt to convert others to the lifestyle, or defend the virtues of polyamory over those of monogamy. Like all evangelists, polyvangelists can become quite irritating and offensive to those who do not wish to achieve salvation via their chosen path to grace.

Y-Washing: The process by which a female-fronted concept-in-development for a work of art (novel, game, movie, comic) is converted to a male-fronted concept, replacing its female protagonist with a male protagonist. The decision to Y-Wash a project is usually made by high-ranking producers, editors, or executives who decide that no one will support a franchise if its protagonist is female.

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