Throwback Thursday – Personal Demons!

My latest image for Throwback Thursday is the old masthead illustration that I commissioned from artist Stacey Ponder, who created this stick-figure masterpiece for my old horror review and commentary column, Personal Demons. I wrote a number of essays in the series in 2005 and finally let it lapse in 2006, when I was too swamped writing for school and Kerberos to be able to think of anything clever to say about horror.

As you can see, the image features a startlingly realistic depiction of Yours Truly busily writing about all my favorite demons. I particularly love the fact that she included Herbert West, Cthulhu *and* Hellboy. Squees of delight!

Personal Demons was a fun gig for me, and I still miss the forum community from the old Pretty-Scary website. There were some brilliant and wonderful feminist horror nuts there, male and female, and I still keep in touch with them on Facebook when I can. Pretty-Scary was where I met underground film-maker Andrew Shearer of Gonzoriffic fame for the first time, and a lot of great female photographers and film-makers. It was a great web hang-out owned and operated by actress, film-maker and author Heidi Martinuzzi, our lovely and talented Mistress of the Dorks.

Columns in the series that I enjoyed writing most? Probably my all-time favorite was titled “This Is the Column Where I Ruin Slither For You”, but “Demon of the Threshold” and “The Fatal Misadventures of Ogg” run a close second and third. I imagine that these and other scraps of my undying genius (*cough*) will be eventually in my essay collection, Seeing Red.


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