Throwback Thursday – My First Boyfriend, 1974


Trying to get back into the habit of actively blogging, and finding some sort of rhythm in the week is part of the struggle. “Throwback Thursday” is as good a place to start as any, I think, since I have a backlog of photographs of myself taken at various different ages, and since I am trying to recover some of my memories from periods of my life that I don’t often think about.

This charming little shot was taken in Manhattan in 1975-1976, I believe. [Actually it was 1974! See note below] It’s me standing with my first boyfriend. His name was Yoel, and I vaguely recall that his parents were from Israel. I can’t recall why and how we met, but I know we went to pre-school together, and I think our fathers were friends.

Looking at the photo now feels a bit strange. I can’t fully remember those years, because there is a wall of pain that begins immediately afterward and continues to run into the present day. I do recall that this is about the time of my life that I picked Catwoman as an early role model, and made up my own analogous character for recess role-playing games.

I also remember putting together some of my first fragments of scientific knowledge, and how my younger brain would run away with every tiny scrap of information. I knew that the rings of Saturn were made of sand, for example, but I imagined those rings as an endless banded desert, with stripes of sand hundreds of miles across. In my child’s imagination, raiders could ride their alien steeds across the sands and have Saturn Adventures.

I can also see just from looking at this picture that since I was pretty tiny, the same things have always made me smile.

Just give me a gorgeous guy who’s crazy about me, willing to take off all his clothes and go running down the street with me if need be, and proud to hold my hand in public? And I’m happy. 🙂


CORRECTIVE MEMORY: One of the great things about doing this while my mother is still alive is that she can correct my hazy memory of past events. While I originally thought that this photo was from 1975-1976, for example, she tells me by looking at it that it couldn’t have been any later than 1974, while I was still going to a Montessori school in Manhattan.

So on the one hand–wow, I was tall and precocious! I still remember giving this boy my first kisses!

On the other hand–wow, I went to Montessori school! I didn’t remember that at all!

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