Throwback Thursday – Jesus H. Zombie!


In honor of my second-favorite holiday of the year, I thought I would use the last few Thursdays of the month to share some horror- and cosplay-themed photos of me being goofy over the years.

This is an on-the-set photo of me in full zombie make-up preparing for my scene as an extra in Dan Hiesel’s zero-budget class Jesus H. Zombie (2006). Hiesel is an independent film-maker and a friend of Gonzoriffic indie powerhouse Andrew Shearer, who has been a friend of mine for several years. Andrew called me onto the set of JHZ because they needed warm bodies to play cold, shambling corpses. I decided to make it a field trip when I drove to Atlanta that day, and dropped by Chattanooga to pick up the Unsatisfied Teen Brigade–Destiny Scealf, the beautiful daughter of rockstar Eric Scealf, and her teenage friends and underage siblings.

We all got into zombie make-up and had an awesome day as the undead Sunday School teacher and her class in a blasphemous black comedy schlock horror flick. The kids insisted on keeping their make-up on for the whole drive back to Chattanooga so that they could go get pizza as realistic-looking zombies.


One last shot of me just before they shot the scene, being “For Serious” and in-character as a real flesh-eating monster complete with awesome open wound make-up and the patina of Gonzoriffic Patented Movie Blood all over my teeth and running down my chin. Raar, I’m a monster! Cast me in your indie horror films! Hire me for your kid’s Bar Mitzvah!



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