Throwback Thursday – In the Lap of Literature, 1975

I stumbled across the Throwback Thursday tradition via my friend Andrew Shearer, who cast me as the Final Victim in his re-make of Cannibal Sisters years ago. Decided it would be fun to embrace it myself, and take a few minutes one day a week to explore and share some time piece of my past.

This is me around the age of four or five, when my parents lived in Manhattan. I’m sitting in the lap of the statue of Hans Christian Andersen in Central Park.

A little foreshadowing, I guess.

CORRECTIVE MEMORY: My mother chimes in looking at this image to say: “I remember taking that one, and how effortlessly you scrambled up there. No other kid in the playground tried that! You even knew who he was.”

Arinn Dembo, the Girl Without Fear. 🙂

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Author, Game Developer, Anthropologist, Feminist, reformed Supervillainess.
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