Throwback Thursday – Art in the Park

Today’s image for Throwback Thursday is a caricature of me that was drawn almost ten years ago. I think the year was 2004. As with a lot of my memories of the past, the date is unclear to me; what I remember was the season, a late spring day in May or early June.

I was spending a day in Stanley Park with my younger daughter–she couldn’t have been more than eleven at the time. We had already spent a pretty cute day feeding the birds on purpose with the seed we had brought, and feeding the squirrels and raccoons only semi-voluntarily, in the wilder parts of the park. (The larger mammals and sea gulls in Stanley Park have a tendency to mug people. This was the day that she set her peanut butter sandwich down on its wrapper on the park bench beside her and looked up seconds later to see that a squirrel had stolen almost a quarter of it and was now up a nearby tree indulging in an orgy of gluttony.)

There were street artists and vendors who had set up their work areas in the more civilized parts of the park, and this particular guy was offering a pencil sketch caricature of passers-by for ten or fifteen bucks a sitting. I paid him and sat for him and happily took his art home to scan it and save the image.

I have no idea what his name was or whether he continued to work as an artist. I hope so, and I hope that his spring and summer of sketches-for-hire led to bigger and better things. I lost the actual paper copy of this drawing long ago, in one of the endless moves that I’ve had to make in the last decade, but I keep the digital image.

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