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A new post for Throwback Thursday, and it occurred to me that it would be funny to show a retrospective of the many photographs that have been taken of me with various long-suffering animals over the years. I do not live with any pets of my own at present, but it’s a reminder to me of how much I love animals in general.

This was Peppi, who belonged to my grandparents on the Kiraly side of the family. Peppi was a wonderful dog who had lots of patience for weird little monkeys visiting from out of town.

This is me, passed out in the “head of household” reclining chair at the old ranch house in Bondad, Colorado. The cat who has laid claim to the comfy pillow area below my chest is Catherine, one of the ranch cats.

My mother’s dog, Whitney, interrupts an attempted photo shoot in North Carolina in 2004.

My longest-lived feline friend, Bela (named for Lugosi), during his sleek and lethal prime–probably taken in the winter of 2004.

My daughter caught a caterpillar, and the following spring this beautiful huge moth emerged from the chrysallis. We took it to the park and broke the insect cage to free it without damaging its wings. It perched on my hand for long enough to take this photo.

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