The Sea Organ

Filed under “beautiful and strange”, the photo above is an image of the Sea Organ in Croatia, an architectural wonder which allows the tidal rhythms of the Adriatic Sea to create music.

Carved into the steps of this 230-foot long sea wall are channels that lead to 35 organ pipes, each tuned to create chords. As the waves strike the steps, they drive air through the pipes, and play random musical arrangements.

The Morske Orgulje was built in 2005 in the city of Zadar, a 3000-year-old metropolis on the coast of Croatia. The architect, Nikola Bašić, wanted to revive the city which had been devastated by World World II, many of its ancient monuments lost forever. The design and function of this musical instrument is probably inspired by the Wave Organ of San Francisco, which was built in 1986, and the later Blackpool Tide Organ constructed in England in 2002. That said, although it is not the first wave organ in existence, it is undoubtedly the largest, the most beautiful and the most musical.


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