The Humanist's Prayer

The Vitruvian Home

The Vitruvian Homer. A masterwork.

Oh Lord, give me the strength of will
To swallow all the vapid swill
Of those who beat their chests and claim
That they alone speak in Your Name.

Give me the strength to tolerate
The blindness, bigotry and hate
The murder, bullying and rage
They say came from a Bible page.

Oh Lord, when I must hear them preach
The violence they say You teach
Give me the strength to turn my head
And wish them well, instead of dead.

Give me the strength to stay my wrath
To walk upon a higher path
To be superior to fools
Who drag You into public schools.

Oh Lord, I know it gives You pain
To waste a treasure like a brain
Of human compass, human girth
On those who cannot see its worth–

But still, I pray that there’s a hope
That even the most dauntless dope
Will someday see the ghastly blight
His “faith” must be, to block Your light.

The fact is, it’s a tragic loss
When folks are beaten with a cross.
And nothing makes the angels weep
Like seeing men behave like sheep…

With all their sick, self-righteous ire
And blathering about Hell’s fire
They only drive us from You, Lord,
And make us bitter, tired and bored.

Dear God, please make them stay at home
And leave the rest of us alone.
Teach them to love their human kin
Instead of counting every sin!

Of course, I know You’ll heed this prayer,
That humanists say everywhere.
In this one irony we trust:
That Jesus Christ was one of us.

© 2001 Arinn Dembo, All Rights Reserved

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2 Responses to The Humanist's Prayer

  1. Hari Seldon says:


    Control of religion by the elite can lead to Letters of Indulgence.


  2. AlpsStranger says:


    Can’t wait for SotS 2!

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