The Healing Power of Suck

A word about the healing power of sucking at something.

I went to karaoke tonight with the full intention of singing less than perfectly. I deliberately picked out a few songs I loved, but had never tried to sing outside of a shower. Then I chose one at random and turned in the slip.

And I tried it. And flubbed some lines and notes.

And the world did not come to an end.

Then an old lady in sunglasses asked me to come onstage and help her sing “Desperado”, the Eagles song. I don’t know ANY Eagles songs. I’m literally reading it off the prompter and trying to recall vaguely how it goes from a half-remembered radio playing Easy Listening Hits in a dentist’s office.

We sucked so badly that the DJ actually stopped the song–this has never happened to me in karaoke!–and restarted it in a different key.

So then we sucked in a different key.

And the world did not come to an end.

It was great.

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