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Found a brief article today which included rare photos of The Evelyn Tables, which are thought to be the earliest known anatomical preparations in Europe. Each table is a wooden board, large enough to be a bit greater than the length and width of a human being. On each board, some system of the human body has been carefully removed from its surrounding tissues and structures, and laid out for study. The complete system is represented to the degree possible, after having been dissected with breathtaking care from the surrounding tissues and structures and arranged on the two-dimensional plane.



Everything human is fascinating to me, including human anatomy. I tend to feel a kinship with the creators and collectors of anatomical art over the millennia, especially those whose art was grounded in medical science and the humanistic will to understand.

For this reason, I gravitate strongly toward the anatomical art of many eras–everything from the memento mori art that emerges from various religious traditions to the modern art that incorporates or celebrates the human corpse.

To read more about the Evelyn Tables, and about the tradition of Anatomical Tables in general:

The Royal College of Physicians: The Anatomical Tables

Emma Goldsmith on the Hunterian Museum, and other treasures held by the Royal College of Surgeons

Curious Anatomies: A Video By the Royal College of Physicians.



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