The Deacon's Tale on Kindle!

The Deacon's Tale cover

Cover art by Jaan-Paul van Eeden

A revised edition of my old novel The Deacon’s Tale has been published by Kthonia Press! The book will be released in all possible formats, and is currently available in Kindle format on Amazon here.

Those who want a DRM-free copy of the electronic book in .mobi, .pdf or .ePub format can order it Publisher-Direct by sending an email to You’ll get a Paypal invoice in Canadian dollars (which will actually be less expensive for some of you international readers!) and the book will be delivered via email very quickly.

As an update, the book is also available in print format publisher direct as well. The price is $14.99 USD and AUS, $15.99 CAN, and 10.00 GBP at present, with shipping from the USA. It will be available for order through the usual channels soon, but you can order it publisher-direct now by writing as well. If you provide your mailing address they will send a Paypal invoice with the shipping charge immediately.

buying publisher-direct is much appreciated: more money will go to your friendly neighborhood small publisher, more money to the author, and less money spent by you. How could it be better?

Many thanks for your support.

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2 Responses to The Deacon's Tale on Kindle!

  1. Sol says:

    Just bought your novel in DRM-free .pdf. Quite simple to buy.

    After reading the first chapter I am motivated to continue…

    Thank you.

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