The Bleeding Hour

If Life is a battle, its worst moments are like the waning hour before sunset when the reinforcements you hoped and bargained for have not come.

You will be disarmed and knocked down to your knees. You will bleed from a dozen wounds. Your shield and chest will sprout arrows like a field of ripe grain. You will grope in the black filth for your blade, and for the strength and the courage it takes to rise again and swing it until it breaks.

Now comes the Bleeding Hour.

Look around you at that moment and see the people who remain at your side. The people who do not run. The people who do not give up. The people who continue to believe in you, when all evidence says that they are wrong.

The people who do not leave you to face this hour alone.

No one can win every battle, or every war. Defeat comes to everyone sooner or later. But when the Bleeding Hour comes, you will learn lessons and accept truths that were too bitter to swallow on sunnier, gentler days.

The truth is that no True Friend and no True Love can leave your side at this moment. Illusions vanish in the Bleeding Hour; what remains is what is real.

Pick up your sword and fight for those whose stand by you. Fight for your true friends and your true loves.

And be grateful you know who they are.

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  1. Possibly one of your more beautiful pieces I’d ever fallen upon, if I could say so.

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