The Bible as Horror

The True Face of Horror

People often ask me why I return so often to the Bible as a source.

The truth is: the Bible is the greatest horror story ever written, and the Judeo-Christian tradition continues to produce the most effective horror writers in the world.

What makes them scariest is that neither the tale-spinners nor the audience seem to know that their stories are fiction.

Take this as an example: author Adam Troy-Castro posted a link earlier today to a story on Right-Wing Watch, a website which monitors the activities and public statements of America’s Neoconservative and Evangelical movements. Here’s what Kevin Swanson, the host of the Christian program Generations Radio, had to say about the risks of birth control:

Swanson: I’m beginning to get some evidence from certain doctors and certain scientists that have done research on women’s wombs after they’ve gone through the surgery, and they’ve compared the wombs of women who were on the birth control pill to those who were not on the birth control pill. And they have found that with women who are on the birth control pill, there are these little tiny fetuses, these little babies, that are embedded into the womb. They’re just like dead babies. They’re on the inside of the womb. And these wombs of women who have been on the birth control pill effectively have become graveyards for lots and lots of little babies.

Seriously. Imagine hearing this story as a 14-year-old girl with NO scientific education and no real understanding of biology or medicine. Imagine facing the life ahead of you actually BELIEVING that if you take birth control pills, your womb will become a graveyard, your insides peppered with little mummified homunculi.

Every single member of the HWA, myself included, is a rank, pathetic amateur by comparison. THIS is real horror.

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6 Responses to The Bible as Horror

  1. AlpsStranger says:

    Now I’m absolutely certain you don’t want my input on this one 🙂

  2. Durandal says:

    Your moral clout to condemn the Bible is somewhat lacking, after you and your company constantly lied about Sword of the Stars II to your fanbase.

    Atheists in houses built by lies shouldn’t throw rocks with LIES printed on them.

    • Arinn says:

      1. I am not condemning the Bible. I am pointing out that it is full of horrifying ideas and imagery, and that it serves as a never-ending fountain of inspiration.

      2. I am sorry if you don’t like one of my games, but the fact that you don’t like a game does not make me or anyone else a “liar”.

      3. For the record, I do not classify myself as an atheist, and often find the statements and behavior of the atheist movement quite annoying.

      4. Regardless of your religion, telling people horrific lies about birth control and reproduction is morally wrong. The fact that you identify as a Christian or a Jew does not mean that you are entitled to lie to women and girls about their bodies and how simple medicines work.

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