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Describing Magical Things

via GIPHY I shared this video today, on Facebook, because I think the carver, Tyler Breske, has done some amazing work in cutting this stone. A friend of mine agreed that it was incredibly beautiful, but asked, “How do you … Continue reading

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New review of my short story collection!

A new review of my short story collection, Monsoon and Other Stories, has appeared on Amazon!  It’s always a thrill to see people engage with my work, and honestly I need way more reviews of my work if I want … Continue reading

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A sense of place

Saw this post from a great writer on Twitter, who has written several novels over the past few years, usually set in various parts of Mexico. It got me thinking about the sense of place in fiction, about the places … Continue reading

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Latest Sale – “Imperial Ghosts”

Made a new fiction sale, and received the go-ahead from the publisher to share the details! My novella “Imperial Ghosts” has been sold to Deep Magic, the E-zine of Clean Science Fiction and Fantasy. Since 2002, this publication has been … Continue reading

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Doing Diversity

Insert face-palm emoticon here. Today a quick word about diversity in our arts and media, and the why’s and the how’s of “doing diversity”. There are three highly important, very distinct concepts which people have a tendency to conglomerate into … Continue reading

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Konjo Oni

Whenever I turn in a manuscript to an editor or publisher, and the project is basically complete from my end, I do a final clean-up of my research links and material. Lately I’ve been thinking that people might be interested … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – 1993

  There’s been a round of cleaning recently at the Tribe House in Vancouver, and last night Mister Bear handed me a card that he had found, tucked in with the old paperwork and keepsakes. It’s a Christmas card from … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – Personal Demons!

My latest image for Throwback Thursday is the old masthead illustration that I commissioned from artist Stacey Ponder, who created this stick-figure masterpiece for my old horror review and commentary column, Personal Demons. I wrote a number of essays in … Continue reading

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Frozen in Fear

Every working writer, even relatively obscure people toiling in the salt mines like Yours Truly, get questions now and again from aspiring writers who want advice. Occasionally it’s practical questions about your career and how you got there, but I … Continue reading

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