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New review of my short story collection!

A new review of my short story collection, Monsoon and Other Stories, has appeared on Amazon!  It’s always a thrill to see people engage with my work, and honestly I need way more reviews of my work if I want … Continue reading

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Five Decades

  Pablo Neruda was in the news again recently, as the press has begun to openly speculate that he was murdered. Accordingly I decided to re-publish this old review, as it still represents both my feelings on his life and … Continue reading

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5 Great Names for Horror Novels and Films

A lot of very good horror novels have been made into half-decent movies. Occasionally, a good horror novel inspires a good movie, or even a great one; then you can debate which is better. Far more often, of course, a … Continue reading

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Mother of Assassins

  Author Molly Tanzer posted a link to an article on Topless Robot today called “8 Fantasy Series That You Should Check Out If You Love Game of Thrones“. Tanzer pointed out in her post that there wasn’t a single … Continue reading

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Just posting a few links to reviews of my latest game! The Good: Amongst Geeks: “Great city-crunching action!” eXplorminate: “Kerberos Productions presents a real gem in the form of Kaiju-A-GoGo, an action-strategy title with a heavy dose of monster trope.” … Continue reading

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A Motown Tribute to Nickelback

More user reviews of Kaiju-A-Gogo keep appearing on Steam, and when I watch people streaming the game on Youtube I tend to feel like the tambourine player in this video.   ________________ Like my writing?

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Nerds of a Feather on The Pit

Interesting review of Sword of the Stars: The Pit and Endless Dungeon at the Nerds of a Feather Fanzine┬átoday! This writer vastly prefers the roguelike spin-offs to the 4X games that were the originals. I mostly wrote off Sword of … Continue reading

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The Snowman (2011)

I have a weakness for police procedural drama on television, and the structure of a good thriller is a joy in any medium. The raw materials of this story are familiar; what makes it work is the dark passion that … Continue reading

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The SF Site Featured Review: Monsoon and Other Stories

Stumbled upon a really lovely review of my short story collection Monsoon and Other Stories on SF Site this evening. Mario Guslandi appreciated my collection! He even had a nice word or two about my poetry. Thank the gods that … Continue reading

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