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Now that everyone I know has weighed in with the same opinion, I’ll state my Unpopular Opinion of the year. No, you’re all wrong. ALL of you!   The hoi poloi and I are right.   Bright, the new urban … Continue reading

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Zootopia (2016)

  Watched Zootopia for the first time recently, assuming I was about to see a mildly amusing Disney cotton candy story about a plucky rabbit. Instead I find myself watching a Furry Noir narrative about a naive young cop from … Continue reading

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Into the Heart of Whiteness

My final word on Rachel Dolezal: I shared the recent article on her by Ijeoma Oluo because it was an article by Ijeoma Oluo. Not because I think anyone should pay even one millisecond more attention to Rachel Dolezal. As … Continue reading

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Race Is A Construct

“Race is a construct.”   Yes, yes it is.   Race is a construct, like religion, gender, and national borders are constructs.   People will happily kill you over a construct. Show me a national border which is not defended … Continue reading

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Constructing a Profile

Have you seen these two faces before? If not, don’t feel bad. I suspect that the Powers That Be didn’t really want you to see them. I missed this story when it came out earlier in the summer of 2013. … Continue reading

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