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Don’t Be a Sheepskin Jacket

Yet another stinkbomb of misogyny explodes in my professional sphere this week. Yet another misogynist sociopath in the industry, taking cover behind a progressive, woman-led team and forcing them to waste energy defending his predations rather than creating their art … Continue reading

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Sex and the SotSverse

  Got a couple of interesting questions from one of our players this morning, and thought the answers might make an interesting topic for a blog. QUESTION: “I find that mating lore and procedures are curiously detailed for every race. … Continue reading

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Scientific Proof of Misogynist Douchery in Gaming

Just thought I would post this here to keep people informed. The following article was posted over at The Mary Sue today. It’s very short and very sad, and if you’re a person who’s interested in the problem of sexism … Continue reading

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