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On Jill, in a Dress

One of my invisible friends (which is what I call the wide group of pretty awesome apes that I have never met in person, but know through their participation in forums and social media), celebrated her birthday recently. It was … Continue reading

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Damsel in Distress: Tamiko Hoshinara and The Pit

  Note: I originally published this entry as a guest blog at the web home of author Liz Strange, who published it with some concept art images and screenshots from the initial release of Sword of the Stars: The Pit. … Continue reading

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She Walks In Shadows

Pretty excited about this news: the first all-female anthology dedicated to the works of H.P. Lovecraft is fully funded on Indiegogo at the moment, and moving toward a Stretch Goal. I’m already on the contributors list for this anthology, which … Continue reading

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SFWA and the Wisdom of Solomon

“The problem is that SFWA is broken.” Someone actually said this in the comment section of my last blog post. It’s a disturbing message, especially given the rumblings that appear in certain discussion groups and forums. Apparently some of the … Continue reading

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On Being a SFWA Member With Ovaries

  Honestly I never cared about this cover. At least not in the negative sense. I’ve been collecting Red Sonja comics for years. And I have also been studying arms and armor since my first visit to the Philadelphia Museum … Continue reading

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New Commentary for the New Year

Some new commentary for the new year. SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN COMICS: THE TIPPING POINT – This is posted to the Comics Alliance website and is about sexual harassment in the comics industry and comics culture, rather than gaming culture. But … Continue reading

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Feminism – Fighting For My Brand

  I’m writing this little screed because I’ve been hearing from younger women and girls, with increasing frequency, that they do not want to “identify as feminists”.  The major point I am making here, and which I will continue to … Continue reading

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The Battle of the Friend Zone

Read a nice satire today on the “Friend Zone” complaint that has become so popular in recent years. This piece made me laugh, because it is a fair turn-about of the standard whining from guys who genuinely do believe that … Continue reading

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The Bible as Horror

People often ask me why I return so often to the Bible as a source. The truth is: the Bible is the greatest horror story ever written, and the Judeo-Christian tradition continues to produce the most effective horror writers in … Continue reading

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On the Subject of “Ugly” People

  One of my favorite bloggers on the web these days is Rosie over at makemeasammich.org. For those who don’t know her, Rosie is a feminist genre fiction writer and a fellow developer in the computer gaming industry. I’m honestly … Continue reading

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