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Standing Up To The Mob

Summary Notes from the Standing Up to the Mob panel.  This was a discussion at Norwescon 40, with Cat Rambo, the current President of the Science Fiction Writers of America, Michelle Mickey Schulz, the Editor/Publisher of Geek Girls Rule!, veteran cosplayer Torrey Stenmark … Continue reading

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The Bones Tell All

Dug up an older article today which briefly describes some research which was done on Viking “warrior burials” in eastern England. Earlier gender attributions had assigned these individuals as “male” based on their grave goods, which often included a sword and/or knife. … Continue reading

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The Womanly Art of the Sword

  Great article on a website called News Minute about a woman named Meenakshi Gurrukkal, who lives in the Kerala, an Indian state at the southern tip of the subcontinent. This 74-year-old woman is a martial artist, a practitioner of the art … Continue reading

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A Kingdom of Daughters

A brief but lovely little article from the New York Times a couple of weeks ago, talking about modern-day Cultural Tourism and historical Cultural Genocide of the Mosuo people in mainland China. I found it particularly interesting to hear a … Continue reading

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen

An interesting challenge this morning on the Facebook Wall of author Adam-Troy Castro: what if you had to create a League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen? It’s a straight-up proposition. Create an action-adventure Dream Team using the female characters of Victorian adventure/YA fiction, … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – 1982

Remembered a happy moment of my childhood today, which is not that common. The year was 1982, and my mother and stepfather had taken me to Knoxville, Tennessee to see the World’s Fair. While we were visiting family in the … Continue reading

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On Jill, in a Dress

One of my invisible friends (which is what I call the wide group of pretty awesome apes that I have never met in person, but know through their participation in forums and social media), celebrated her birthday recently. It was … Continue reading

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Damsel in Distress: Tamiko Hoshinara and The Pit

  Note: I originally published this entry as a guest blog at the web home of author Liz Strange, who published it with some concept art images and screenshots from the initial release of Sword of the Stars: The Pit. … Continue reading

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She Walks In Shadows

Pretty excited about this news: the first all-female anthology dedicated to the works of H.P. Lovecraft is fully funded on Indiegogo at the moment, and moving toward a Stretch Goal. I’m already on the contributors list for this anthology, which … Continue reading

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SFWA and the Wisdom of Solomon

“The problem is that SFWA is broken.” Someone actually said this in the comment section of my last blog post. It’s a disturbing message, especially given the rumblings that appear in certain discussion groups and forums. Apparently some of the … Continue reading

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