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Standing Up To The Mob

Summary Notes from the Standing Up to the Mob panel.  This was a discussion at Norwescon 40, with Cat Rambo, the current President of the Science Fiction Writers of America, Michelle Mickey Schulz, the Editor/Publisher of Geek Girls Rule!, veteran cosplayer Torrey Stenmark … Continue reading

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Ms Marvel: No Normal

I’ve been working this week on catch-up reading, piling through the works of G. Willow Wilson–in addition to a lot of her earlier works, I’m also having a look at her most popular series, Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan, the new … Continue reading

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Your Disposable Fat Friend

As I mentioned earlier, I started a Book Club on Facebook. I’m currently re-reading the work of Silvia Moreno-Garcia, including her debut novel Signal To Noise. The second paperback edition of the book came out in 2016, with a pretty … Continue reading

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Irony is…

…being confronted on Twitter by a kid who doesn’t think that geek culture needs any more “diversity”, or that anyone needs to work toward it. The irony is that his avatar is an anime figure, which he drew himself. It’s fan art. He … Continue reading

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Doing Diversity

Insert face-palm emoticon here. Today a quick word about diversity in our arts and media, and the why’s and the how’s of “doing diversity”. There are three highly important, very distinct concepts which people have a tendency to conglomerate into … Continue reading

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Gateway to Elsewhere (1954)

Hilarious old science fiction book cover shared by Saladin Ahmed on his Twitter feed today. This is from the Ace paperback edition of “Gateway to Elsewhere” by “Murray Leinster” which was a nom de plume for William Fitzgerald Jenkins. This novel … Continue reading

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