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Eye Cups

One of the fans on the Kerberos forums brought up an interesting topic today: “What’s your favorite good luck charm?” As an archaeologist and anthropologist, this is an incredibly tough question. I find fetishes, amulets and apotropaic objects REALLY fascinating, … Continue reading

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The Bones Tell All

Dug up an older article today which briefly describes some research which was done on Viking “warrior burials” in eastern England. Earlier gender attributions had assigned these individuals as “male” based on their grave goods, which often included a sword and/or knife. … Continue reading

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Roman Nanotechnology

Stumbled onto a very nice piece on the Smithsonian website today about the Lycurgus Cup, a famous artifact currently held by the British Museum. The cup is believed to have been manufactured in Late Antiquity, around the 4th century, by a … Continue reading

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Experimental Archaeology – Ancient Hair

Really interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today about Janet Stephens, a Baltimore hairdresser who moonlights as an experimental archaeologist, trying to reproduce the ancient hairstyles seen in ancient art. Frescoes, pottery, sculpture and other surviving ancient art often … Continue reading

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World’s Oldest Cheese

I never lose my passion for archaeology, no matter how many years pass. I still get excited about new discoveries. In this case, a major step forward for the Archaeology of Cheese–a wheel of cheese 3,600 years old, recovered from … Continue reading

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