Sword of the Stars: The Pit – New DLC!


The team and I are hard at work on Kaiju-A-Gogo right now, but we still found time to create a new Playable Character DLC for our first full indie title, Sword of the Stars: The Pit.

The Necromancer expansion introduces Azraeus the Defiler, a Horde Zuul necromancer in service to the Immortal. Of all of the characters we’ve introduced so far, Azraeus has some of the most original gameplay mechanics. He’s an undead character, resurrected by his Master to plunder the Pit and steal the cure to the Xombie Virus, and his version of “eating” and “drinking” are very…unique.

I’ve posted a new fictional stinger for the DLC to my Patreon Page. It’s a collaborative effort between artist John Yakimow and I, and I hope you’ll enjoy it–the .pdf is free content.

John has always been a great collaborator on Zuul art and characters, and Azraeus the Defiler is one of his classic horror character concepts. Please check it out, and give us what support you can. The DLC should be out within a few days.

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