Sword of the Stars, 2006

Little known fact: when we created the script and recorded the voice-over for the opening cinematic of the original Sword of the Stars…there was a typo!

The date for the launch of the Nova Maria was supposed to be the 25TH CENUTRY–not the 22ND CENTURY!

Unfortunately, I read what was on the page, we recorded what I read, and by the time anyone caught the mistake, it was too late to change it. A little less significant than “One small step for man, one giant leap for Mankind,” of course, but amusing that I flubbed it nonetheless.

Here’s the transcript as it should have been read, years ago:

Early in the 25th century, humanity escaped from Einstein’s Cage. The giant, ring-shaped engines of the Node Drive gave us the power to leap to the nearest star at many times the speed of light. After centuries of dreaming, we were finally free to leave the cradle of our home world.

 It took us years to build the first colony ship. The Nova Maria was a symbol for all Mankind. Soon it was loaded with humanity’s Best and Brightest. They prepared to depart, ready to inherit a galaxy which we had long ago decided was devoid of intelligent life.

The universe was all out there for our taking…

Someone should have told that to the Hivers.

They came in silence. No statement of intention. No declaration of war. Without even a demand for our surrender. They hit us without warning. Within seconds, our dreams of peaceful expansion were so many burning meteors falling to Earth.

We barely survived the first Hiver incursion. Years later we would find that we had faced only a small nesting fleet! We had yet to see the full power of the Swarm.

But the Hive was not the only threat. When we ventured forth, we soon encountered the ruthless legions of the Tarkas…and eventually, the phantom fleets of the enigmatic Liir.

And so we learned. How to build bigger, stronger ships. More powerful weapons. Humanity had to explore, expand, and even conquer…just to hold our own in a universe where weakness was extinction.

In order to survive, we learned to wield…the Sword of the Stars.


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  1. marshb says:

    Still gives me a thrill! 🙂

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