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At the corner of Knight and Kingsway, there is a small commercial-residential complex which includes apartments, a grocery store, a public library, a bank, a dentist and an Indian restaurant. The developers of this project were a little skimpy on the elbow room of the underground parking garages, but they did hide a lot of lovely and often-strange bronze sculptures around the complex. I’ve decided to try and find and take pictures of them all as I walk by.


The otters are still enjoying their Halloween pumpkin. Don’t judge them.

otterEvery major city in the world has some big impressive buildings and architecture, as a rule–museums, monuments, churches. But it’s the little random touches that always reveal a city’s soul. The murals and graffiti, the playgrounds and public parks, the gargoyles and statues, the signs and chalk drawings on the sidewalk, the decorations in shop windows…they all add up to give you a sense of what sort of people live in a place, and what their lives are about.


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