Pure Love

Made omelets for dinner! Portobello mushrooms and cheese. đŸ™‚

Omelets are one of my “special” meals. I only make them for people I truly love, never for guests. It never seems like something to make for outsiders. My daughter has always loved them; she calls them “Momelets”, because they taste like “Pure Love”.

Eggs are inexpensive and a good source of protein; cooking them for the evening meal is something I had to learn to do during periods of dire poverty. I discovered that the key to making them delicious was to use a non-stick pan and glaze the bottom with a little melted butter. Then let the eggs cook more slowly than they do at a restaurant, to preserve that extra touch of texture and flavor that will not survive the Short Order Approach.

Butter and patience. The critical ingredients of Pure Love…

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