(2001) Delta Green

Cover for Delta Green: Dark Theaters

Delta Green: Dark Theatres (2001) by Armitage House

In 2001 my novella “Suicide Watch” was published by Armitage House, the makers of the Delta Green role-playing game series. Dark Theatres was an anthology of stories set in their Delta Green universe. I became involved with the project through a personal friend, Bob Kruger, who was initially the editor of that anthology. When Bob asked me in the late 1990’s whether I could write a Cthulhu Mythos story adapted to the Delta Green universe, I made some minor changes to an idea that I had already been working on, and submitted the resulting piece as a friendly gesture.

The story went through some turbulence on its way to publication, as not everyone at Armitage House agreed that it was really “Delta Green” material, and apparently there were some objections to its length as well as some of its themes. This said, the story eventually was published in its entirety, thanks to the efforts of my editor Bob Kruger and the support of John Tynes, who was then a working partner at Armitage.

A selection of comments and reviews:

“This anthology of Delta Green short stories presents a good introduction to the conspiracy/horror concepts of the DG world. Some stories are better than others, and each tale has it’s own merits, but the story by Arinn Dembo stands head and shoulders above the rest. The story, a DG-flavored explanation of the life and times of a rockstar who closely resembles Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain, is truly fantastic in my opinion. I’m probably a bigger fan of the story because of the unsolved mystery of Cobain’s death, but it’s well-written and sucks you in with a mixture of present-time and flashback sequences. I recommend the book as both an introduction to DG, and as a source of fresh new historical fiction authors. –Amazon.com”

“At the danger of sounding like a DG shill, Dark Theatres is my favorite collection of Lovecraftian fiction by anyone except HPL himself. And I think that Suicide Watch may be one of my favorite pieces of Lovecraftian fiction, period. –Del Rio, alt.horror.cthulhu

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