(1996) F & SF

The Auschwitz Circus by Kent Bash

Cover art for F & SF June 1996, painting by Kent Bash

My short story “Sisterhood of the Skin” was published in the June 1996 issue of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, although it had originally been sold in 1994. It has been reviewed by Jim Bailey in his Short Fiction Round-up.

“This is a very strong SF story. A factory fishing vessel is plundering the waters of a virgin planet to feed the hungry masses of other worlds. Sci-Med Officer Tso is confronted with the mystery of the native silkies, a walrus-like species that has killed one of the crew. As she investigates the death and performs an autopsy on one of the silkies, she discovers that they may hold the key to her own problems of identity and self-image.

Well written and well drawn images of the world and the culture of the vessel create a strong backdrop to the characters personal story. Arinn Dembo is a writer to watch.”

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