On the Subject of “Ugly” People


One of my favorite bloggers on the web these days is Rosie over at makemeasammich.org. For those who don’t know her, Rosie is a feminist genre fiction writer and a fellow developer in the computer gaming industry. I’m honestly not sure why she chooses to write her blog semi-anonymously, but I assume she has her reasons, so I’m not going to mention her real name here.

Every once in a while, Rosie comments on issues that, although they are not a huge part of my personal life, are still very important to me. She’s written some very good, and powerful, and deeply personal stuff about sexual assault and harassment. And today she posted a few well-chosen words about body shaming, particularly of girls and women who are overweight.


Bodies. People Has Them. These are all Olympic athletes.


Difficult as it may be to believe, I do sometimes forget about this kind of thing. I’ve been a grown-up for a very long time, and I’ve surrounded myself with wonderful people who just don’t act like spiteful, vicious children. In consequence, I sometimes do forget that the rest of the world is still full of goontards.

So in the spirit of solidarity, this is probably a good time to mention that I am not a big fan of body shaming.

Seriously. I really don’t want to hear it.

Whatever negative, insecure crap you feel the need to spew, about whoever is making you feel not good enough in this world…I really don’t care.

I don’t want to hear that the skinny chick needs a sandwich. Or breast implants. Or an eating disorder therapist. Just…gah. Shut up, and leave that skinny chick alone.

I don’t want to hear that fat people are [BLAH BLAH BLAH WHATEVER–just imagine I vomit forth the entire posting career of Fat Hater X here]. Fat Shaming is the new racism. You’re a bigot. Congratulations.

I don’t want to hear that any person is not allowed to dress in clothes that make them feel sexy or attract attention, and pose for photographs or be in a movie or go on tv, because you personally aren’t attracted to their body type. Do the world a favor and gtf over yourself. No one cares.

I also don’t want to hear that older women need to cut off all their hair, stop wearing make-up or slinky dresses, and neuter themselves to turn into little old turnips…because YOU aren’t comfortable with the thought that older people still like sex. (Seriously, I hear this one a lot. It’s moronic. Stop it.)

I don’t want to hear the infinite type and variety of “hilarious” slams on people who have bodies different than yours due to ancestry, life style, culture, or personal choice.

Just get over it. This world isn’t your property. The rest of the human race does not exist solely to please you or affirm your prejudices.

Leave the “ugly” people alone until YOU get over YOUR disease–the one that infects your eye, your brain and your heart, and makes you not only blind, but stupid and cruel.

The person who is broken isn’t the one you’re looking at.

It’s you.

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One Response to On the Subject of “Ugly” People

  1. AlpsStranger says:

    As a fat person myself I am often really surprised at how cruel otherwise “progressive” people can be. They’re right there at the front line for gay marriage or abortion rights or any other sort of tolerance. Sex change? Hey, they’re cool with that.

    But, my God, are these pretty little people cruel to the plump. It’s the most amazing kind of hypocrisy, really, and it’s breathtaking when you first notice it. Most of the least progessive people I’ve known, people who have other views I find genuinely troubling, are actually far less likely to hassle you for being a little corpulent.

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