Norwescon Is Coming!


Preparations are underway for Norwescon 39! I’m doing research and compiling notes for all my panels, trying to connect with my fellow panelists through social media, and having some new cards made with free Steam Keys for my awesome indie games.

I don’t hit too many conventions a year, but I will always make time for Norwescon if I can. It’s an amazing convention and the mix of people and pros is fantastic, particularly in the horror track.

I’ll be posting my convention schedule later today and let you know where you can find me and the infamous Sword of the Stars adult colouring pages later today. For now, I’m geeking out on my panels on Cannibalism, Body Horror and the Horror Couture Fashion Show–which I’m hoping is going to be a super cool cosplay extravaganza. đŸ™‚

Friends of Kerberos should also note that my fellow dev and former COO/Executive Producer Chris Stewart will also be at Norwescon for a couple of days, and you should keep an eye out for his panels on Ghostbusters and Old School RPG’s on Saturday afternoon!


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