Norwescon – April 16, 2017


My 1:00 pm panel today was on Video Game Art. But it was Easter Sunday, and only 3 people showed! So we decided to rebel a little. Veteran artist Brian Snoddy and I invited the audience up to our table, and they all pulled their chairs around to chat. We basically spent the whole hour sharing our concept art, talking about work, and hanging out.

Was kinda awesome.

And my final panel of Norwescon 40 was not actually a panel! It was a podcast, live recorded for the audience.

Ogre Whiteside, Phil Brucato and I were guests of the Game Master’s Manifesto podcast, having a round table discussion of the principle called Fonzie’s Razor:

“All things being equal, the coolest answer is the correct one.”

A splendid time was had by all. In general, Norwescon was a fantastic convention this year. My team-mates at Kerberos collected some great feedback from the playtesters of the new board games in development, I met lots of fantastic creators and fans, and I really appreciated all the people who came up to me later to get free downloads of my indie games, or tell me that they appreciated my thoughts.

It’s good to get out and be social once in a while.

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