Norwescon – April 15, 2017


People are continuing to playtest our new board games at Norwescon 40. 😀

Great gamers, great feedback. Many thanks to everyone who turned out to play The Pit and Control!

Kerberos Intern Caidence Stone helps new players get adjusted to The Pit. While wearing her Magfest 2016 Crown!

Kerberos Programmer/Intern Caidence Stone helps new players get adjusted to The Pit. While wearing her Magfest 2016 Crown!

Started my day at a rollicking Video Game panel with Donna Prior, Veronica Hamilton and moderator Johnny Nero, Action Hero.

It was a good conversation about what we’re playing, what games we’ve made, why you can never get the latest Nintendo device when you want it, what games are worth in terms of time and money, and how to be a supportive and responsible gamer and fan.

Quality audience contributions, too. Love gamers. 🙂

My last two horror panels at Norwescon 40 were also excellent!

Evan Peterson led a fantastic discussion of religious tropes and iconography in horror with Tegan Moore and a very intense, quietly thoughtful audience. The panel was called “Fear of God(s)”, and there was a surprising intensity to the mood in the room. I guess the Easter/Passover connection a little hard to set aside?

My last horror panel was “A Wolf in the Fold”, a discussion of shapeshifter myths and werewolf tropes in modern horror. Alex C. Renwick and Julie McGalliard had a lot of interesting folkloric tidbits that I’d never heard of, particularly from Cajun country and the Caribbean.

Grateful as always to participate in great programming. Many thanks to the Horror track lead Nathan Crowder for giving us such interesting topics this year.

From this point on, the convention is all about games and ancient history–and there’s a lot to say.

Sparks flew at the Games As Art panel. Moderator and artist Lee Moyer with me on one side, arguing that games are Art BECAUSE DUH and ex-Blizzard heavyweight Alex Irvine on the other side, arguing that games are in fact NOT Art and shouldn’t have to be.

(Game designer David Fooden keeping his head down and talking about his new game Yukon Salon when the dust cleared.)


My last panel of the day was Slavery in the Ancient and Medieval World. Alan Andrist, Peter Fuller and special guest star Victoria Whitlock talked about slavery as an ancient and modern institution, from Roman times through the Viking era and into colonial times. Tough subject, but covered a lot of useful territory. I hope the audience enjoyed it.

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