Norwescon – April 14, 2017


Woot! My team is at Norwescon this weekend play-testing our new board games, The Pit and Control! Come on up to Maxxi’s or down to Evergreen 1 & 2 to throw some dice and kill some monsters.

You know you wanna. 😉

Martin Cirulis clarifying a rule for the play-test volunteers in Maxxi's Ballroom.

Martin Cirulis clarifying a rule for the play-test volunteers in Maxxi’s Ballroom.


Had a great panel today on “Standing Up to the Mob”, with Cat Rambo, Michelle Mickey Schulz, Torrey Stenmark and Minim Calibre. Good overview of the necessary skills and knowledge for people who want to support the women working in various industries in fandom. It was a good enough discussion that I will make a separate post to compile my notes about what was said.

[Note: I realized half-way through this panel that I had been swearing continually for 30 minutes. Sorry about the language, folks. This is a subject that makes me really angry.]

Also perversely enjoyed my history panel on The Evolution of the Secret State Police. Very intense, detail-rich discussion with a powerhouse panel: History Track lead Bill Gruner, intelligence expert Bart Kemper, and author/criminal justice lawyer Frog Jones! We covered a lot of ground and discussed police and espionage traditions from Roman Antiquity to the Pinkertons, FBI, Stasi, KGB etc.. (Plus there was bourbon.)

Last panel of the day was a late night rap session on The Social Responsibility of Horror with hardcore horror aficionados Morgue Anne Morrighan and Jason Bourget.

We talked about Lovecraft, sharks, isolation, mental institutions and “asylum horror”, “female hysteria” and how the things (and people) we are encouraged to fear are often targeted for violence.

It was a good discussion and a good crowd, especially so late at night!

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