Nine Things You Don’t Know about Me

One of my friends from Knoxville, the ever-fabulous and glorious Latisha Krymsin Frost Raulston, tagged me in a social media game recently, and challenged me to come up with nine things that a lot of people probably don’t know about me.

Here’s my list!

1. What I loved most in high school and college was theater. My best role was probably as King Pellinore in “Camelot”. Full beard, armor, grey theatrical spray paint all over the hair spilling down my shoulders, big gruff voice. I had a ball with it.

I also played Lady Bracknell in “The Importance of Being Earnest”. It was pretty cool to be able to pull off such big character roles at such a young age–I was only 18-19 at the time.

2. When I was a teenager I did a lot of hitch-hiking. I probably covered about five thousand miles of freeway in the USA. It was dangerous and dumb and if I hadn’t been a psycho myself at the time, I doubt I would have survived it. Fortunately my daughters are both way, way smarter and more together than I was at their age, so they will NEVER EVER DO SOMETHING SO STOOPID.

3. Both of my children were born at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA.

4. My most embarrassing moment? Happened in a movie theater. I went to see “Army of Darkness” when it came out, and I was sitting in the middle of my friends and holding the big tub of popcorn in my lap. One of the jump scares in the movie shocked me so badly that I showered popcorn on everyone in the three rows behind me.

In the awkward silence that followed, Mister Bear turned to me and said aloud, “What did you THINK this was? ‘Ordinary People’?”

So much for the big horror badass. 😛

5. The thing I love most about the South is banana pudding. No one else ever makes it right. I also have to eat at least one biscuit whenever I’m down there. Preferably from Bojangles. It’s almost a compulsion.

6. I am a secular humanist, but not an atheist. Religiously speaking I am best described as a lapsed Neo-pagan. I do think that scientific materialism is an adequate lens to describe and understand most of the universe, most of the time. The things that cannot be understood via that lens are between me and the gods, and I do not discuss such matters with anyone that does not “get it”. I’m willing to debate YOUR religious views–not mine.

7. I am actually quite handy with a camera, at times. I’ve done all sorts of editorial and portrait photography, art photography, and even archaeological photography. My work has been included in four juried shows.

8. I’ve also modeled for quite a few photographers over the years, including some photos that are quite erotic. There was a very large image of me mostly naked hanging in a club in Nashville for many years. No, I’m not telling you which club. And any guesses will be deleted from the comment thread. 😛

9. I have had two Cesarian section surgeries, had guns pointed in my face by crazy Hispanic chicks during a car chase, been stalked by a real live paranoid schizophrenic, rolled an Eagle station wagon down a mountain pass in winter, been through numerous flights with high turbulence or crappy landings, and once I even had the tide come in so fast during a seaside hike that me and my less-than-six-month baby were trapped in the rocks and couldn’t get back up the walkway and out of the path of the rising waters without help.

I’ve only had three panic attacks in my life–the kind where your chest is surrounded by iron bands and you can’t breathe and it feels like someone is crushing you. They all happened this year, and they were all at times when I was going to be forced to see or communicate with my ex again.

The final proof that I infinitely prefer death to heartbreak.

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2 Responses to Nine Things You Don’t Know about Me

  1. Anonymous says:

    On your religion, considering the whole thing with the Tarka becoming Catholic and your stances you posted on it, I always thought you were a deeply religious Christian.

    • Arinn says:

      Nope, not at all. I have a degree in Classical Archaeology and have put a lot of research time into the Primitive Church, because the emergence of Christianity was such a huge issue in the Roman empire. But I’ve also put a great deal of study into the other mystery religions of the period, including the worship of Isis and Sarapis, Cybele and Attis, Demeter and Persephone, Dionysus, Orpheus, and Mithras.

      I find Christianity interesting because it is a religion which has spread to so many other cultures, taken so many different forms, and had such huge political and social impact over the last 2000 years. But I do not practice Christianity, nor even Judaism, which was the religious tradition of my paternal grandparents.

      So far as the stance I take toward various religions as a Moderator on the Kerberos forums: I believe that we should at least try to extend to others the courtesy and respect that we wish to receive ourselves. I may not share Christian beliefs, but I try to understand them as well as I can, and I see no reason to allow Christians to be lumped together and bashed as a group. That’s certainly not how I wish to be treated myself, as a present-day humanist or a former Neo-Pagan.

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