Arinn-repping-Kerberos-at-NEXT-BC-2015Look! It’s me, representing my team and holding our Award in a ceremony to celebrate British Columbia’s Top 25 Most Innovative Companies.


Left to Right: Arinn Dembo, Chris Stewart, Rowen Epp, Martin Cirulis, John Yakimow.

The NEXTBC Award is a competition sponsored annually by DigiBC: The Industry Association for Digital Media & Wireless Companies in British Columbia. Kerberos Productions was one of the semi-finalist companies invited to come for a gala evening. We had the chance to mix and mingle with representatives from the greater Tech and Investment community of the province, to speak with the Minister of Technology and rub shoulders with a lot of exciting newcomers to the Tech field in the province, including several companies that were brand-new start-ups.


The Kerberos Table at NEXT BC 2015–a great shot of the back of my head.

The event was held at Science World here in downtown Vancouver, and it was quite a bit of fun to be in that space and enjoy the atmosphere and the displays, both during the event and before we set up our table.


Designer Rowen Epp and Arinn Dembo enjoying the displays at Science World.


Left to Right: Rowen Epp, Martin Cirulis and John Yakimow

In general, NEXTBC was a fun night for all of us. Being there with Rowen Epp, Martin Cirulis, Chris Stewart and John Yakimow was a reminder that I am very blessed to be a member of this team. These are some of the smartest, funniest, most creative and hard-working devs in the industry; they’re also incredibly Progressive and they have made my working life into a relatively healthy “safe space”, which is something I’d heartily wish for any woman in tech.


Rowen Epp, Martin Cirulis, Chris Stewart and John Yakimow. Chris looks entertained, doesn’t he?

At any rate. I’m aware that a lot of the news that people get from women in the computer gaming industry nowadays is bad news. And sometimes it’s VERY bad news.

There are women suffering from harassment, threats of rape and death, doxxing, swatting, and discrimination in the workplace. There are female game devs struggling to have their work recognized and given a fair hearing by review websites, media pundits, and their peers, especially in the field of indie development.

I just wanted to post these photos to let young women coming into my field know that things really can get better. Sometimes the work is deeply challenging and rewarding, and the people you meet along your journey are amazing. Sometimes there are banquets and shiny crystal statues to recognize you for being awesome.

And sometimes you get to play at Science World after hours!


Cryolophosaurus photo bombs my Science World selfie!

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