Nerds of a Feather on The Pit


Interesting review of Sword of the Stars: The Pit and Endless Dungeon at the Nerds of a Feather Fanzine today! This writer vastly prefers the roguelike spin-offs to the 4X games that were the originals.

I mostly wrote off Sword of the Stars and Endless Space, but I’m particularly happy I took a chance on these two games. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who’s into sci-fi andRogue-likes. I titled this as “versus” as if these two were competing, and perhaps they are, but it’s us, the people who play the games, who win here.

Needless to say I never argue with taste: some people like Sword of the Stars better, some people prefer The Pit, but in either case I’m just glad to entertain you. Thanks for playing! 🙂


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