Kerberos USB Sticks Are Here!


The end of summer is coming soon, and the harvest season is beginning: all of the work I’ve been doing on crowdfunding fulfillment is bearing fruit! The physical items we’ve designed and paid for this summer are all arriving, and I’m busy stuffing packages and filling out shipping forms to deliver the goodies to all the great folks who supported us during the crowdfunding stages of our first indie games in 2012-2014.

The latest arrival this weekend were the 16 gig. Kerberos USB Sticks, which we will be loading up with digital goodies for some of the higher-level supporters of Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders. Each one comes with its own lanyard and they turned out to be a really nice, high-quality item.


Stuffing envelopes and checking proofs is hard work, but it’s also fun, and it’s nice to re-connect with the audience to send them all these little treats. It reminds me that we’ve been supported by some really wonderful people, and it makes me want to create more and better things to amuse and entertain them in the future. 🙂

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