Irons in the Fire – Puppetland Tales!

There’s a lot of work to be done in my little world. I thought it might interest people to know what I’m writing on any given day and week.

Some of you might recall that my name came up last November in connection with a Kickstarter campaign to re-print Puppetland, a highly original role-playing game from the 1990’s.  I’ve always like John Tynes, the creator of the game, and I’ve had good experiences in the past contributing to his RPG milieus. When his collaborator Shane Ivey was canvassing for writers to produce new content for the game, I pitched a few ideas for Tales, the playable scenarios for this game.

Thanks to the Kickstarter’s stretch goals, I’m writing three Tales for Puppetland this month, and having great fun with it. I always do a little research and brainstorming when I’m working with a new universe, and Puppetland research is just a gas.

My scenarios, “The Box”, “Pretty Polly” and “The Bottler”, are all based on the classic icons and structure of the 19th century Punch and Judy shows. Most of the characters I’m working with are classic puppet archetypes from the 18th and 19th centuries.

One of the resources I’m using for inspiration is the website of the International Puppetry Museum in Pasadena, which has beautiful colour photos and descriptions of the many exotic puppets in their collection. Their collection includes amazing works of art from all over the globe, including wonderful shadow puppets from different cultures in Asia, marionettes and hand puppets from every continent, and even a collection of vintage puppet stages backdrops and boxes from shows featuring puppets performing Shakespeare and other classics.

Definitely recommend that anyone who loves puppets and stagecraft should check it out.





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