How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I resolved at the end of May to dedicate this summer to fulfillment–not just of my personal dreams or ambitions, but of promises and obligations.

In particular, I set my sights on all of the Perks that remained outstanding from the crowdfunding campaigns that my team has launched from 2012 to 2014.

The fans and players of our games have been really patient and supportive, and with their help and encouragement we’ve delivered three games as promised since February of 2013. Nonetheless, there were some campaigns extras–books, t-shirts and physical knick-knacks–which had been stalled for far too long.

hiver_card_suite_sample (2)

The Hiver suit of the Ground Pounders card deck.

This summer I’ve plowed the last of the obstacles out of the way, and I’ve been busting hump finding fulfillment partners for a whole ton of physical merchandise. Coming up soon, we’ll have the Hiver War playing cards, a set of six-sided SotS Dice, a Challenge Coin, and the Ground Pounders t-shirt.


Tarka Suit of the Ground Pounders card deck!


Sword of the Stars Faction dice!


Ground Pounders t-shirt in Ground Forces tan.

We’ll also be printing and shipping the Sword of the Stars Premium Lore Book as a limited edition hardback, and Black Section: The Complete Files, as well as some cool merch from the Kaiju-A-Gogo campaign. Stay tuned for more updates in the future, and thanks again for everyone’s support–it is appreciated.


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    Those are all so very awesome :3

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