Ground Pounders!


Exciting news on the professional front: we’re finally able to talk about our new game in production, Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders!

Ground Pounders is a turn-based war game featuring the tanks, aircraft and infantry of the SotSverse. We’ve created a meaty, deep little strategy title with beautiful hand-painted hex maps that simulate a variety of alien worlds and moons, combined with illustrated Effect Cards and a whole slew of interesting, futuristic units to simulate land warfare in the far future.

The game has a lot of fantastic features, and you can find out more about it by visiting our Kickstarter page or dropping by the game’s dedicated website, or the open forum on the Kerberos message boards. Obviously the thing that excites me most is the opportunity to explore another aspect of my universe in greater depth and detail–it really is a gas to see the maps being painted, the 3D models and textures of the tanks and aircraft and vehicles being made, and to see concept art coming in of Human, Hiver and Tarka ground armies at work and at play.

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