Gothic Science Is Back!

Illustration credit: The incomparable Bernie Wrightson, creator of the best illustrated edition of Frankenstein of all time.

Many years ago I was a volunteer instructor at an alternative school in North Vancouver, the Windsor House community. I taught a number of subjects, but my most popular class by far was a series of workshops called Gothic Science.

The former administrators at Windsor House have now founded a new educational community called The Learnary, and invited me to offer the Gothic Science class once more! My first workshop is about Bugs: why do we fear them enough that they appear in our horror movies? What is cool and interesting about them? How have humans battled them, tamed them, and learned to live with them over the millennia?

Anyone who lives locally in the lower mainland of British Columbia is welcome to attend the class on the evening of January 23rd, 2018. The cost is $20, and includes a vegetarian meal for attendees. I will supply some fun coloring pages, suitable for artists of all ages, and I’ve always enjoyed the questions and interactions with the audience at these workshops. It keeps me on my toes.


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