Gateway to Elsewhere (1954)


Hilarious old science fiction book cover shared by Saladin Ahmed on his Twitter feed today. This is from the Ace paperback edition of “Gateway to Elsewhere” by “Murray Leinster” which was a nom de plume for William Fitzgerald Jenkins.

This novel was first serialized in Startling magazine in 1952, and this paperback edition was published in 1954. The artist is Harry Barton.

The way the artist has captured the bewildered white boy and the giant, balatantly dark-skinned djinn both gazing fixedly at the Orientalist fantasy of female sexuality?

Yeah. That is pure comedy gold. And captures the spirit of the novel rather well, actually.

According to Saladin Ahmed, he’s teaching this novel in a class called “Arabs and Muslims in SF/F”, so if you’ve ever wondered why he sometimes seems angry or depressed…there might be a reason.

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